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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I finally booked my airline tickets to the USA. I fly (God willing) on September 28TH on a direct flight to Portland, Oregon. I return also on a direct flight (God willing) 9 days later on October 7Th. The flights are about 10 1/2 hours long. I am planning on taking Philip and Sarah. I think the whole thing will be easier on Sarah and me if Philip also comes. I also think it will be good for Philip who, as some of you know, is going to have to go to a school for learning disabled kids this fall. I thought a trip to the states might be good for his self worth. I also know the boys tend to fight over Juergen when I'm gone. If I take Philip with me, Thomas will have most of Papas attention. Jessica and Nicole don't compete for Papas attention; they are pretty cool in that way! Philip will have to miss a week of school, but that isn't such a big deal in the first and second grades (the kids don't get grades until the end of second grade). I'm sure I wouldn't get away with taking any of the other kids. I'm glad I finally got my tickets! I'll keep trying to help Sarah understand the whole thing. Perhaps it will not be so scary for her if Philip is also coming!