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Monday, August 06, 2007

I have told Thomas his life story before, but I guess he never really understood it. We were sitting at lunch today. Philip had been playing in water, and didn’t have his shirt on. You could see the scares on his chest from his heart operation (he had ASD and VSD). He asked me about his scares and I told him how he was a sick baby in Thailand. I told him about the mommy and daddy who left him in a basket in a market place probably because he was sick, and they didn’t have the money for his operation. All of a sudden Thomas looks horrified. He said “but Philip was born in the orphanage”, “You told me he was in the orphanage with me”! I said “Philip was in the orphanage with you, but he was not born there. He had a mommy and daddy, and so did you”. Thomas really thought the kids in the orphanage were born there. The reality of a birth family hit him very hard. He began to cry. I held him and kept telling him how sick he was as a baby. He had Hirschsprung's disease also known as a megacolon and would have died without an operation. His parents were probably very sad to leave him, but he would have died without an operation. I have explained his life story to him before, but he never really got it! He cried for awhile, but now he is playing happily. I think it helps him to know Philip and Sarah also lost their birth families.