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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Wednesday’s child is full of woe

I thought I would start my own photo list of waiting children. Every Wednesday I’m going to post a photo of a waiting child, and something about them including where you can find more information. This week’s child is desicribed as a healthy kindergardner and in an excellent orphanage. I’m guessing she is from Ethiopia. Ethiopia has the worst orphan crises in Africa. They have a very large number of kids available because of Aids. These are real orphans. I’ve read the girls have very little hope for a good future. The Ethiopian kids are very beautiful and well natured children. I’m following a blog called Owlhaven. This great family will be traveling very soon to pick up their 2 older waiting daughters from Ethiopia. These two girls are being adopted with AAI, the great agency that helped us adopt Philip and Thomas. If you are interested in Ethiopian adoption or want to cultivate a heart for Ethiopia then read “there is no me without you”, a book by Melissa Fay Greene. I tell you honestly, it is very hard not to want to adopt from Ethiopia if you read this book! If you want to learn more about this beautiful waiting child look here.