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Friday, August 24, 2007

The wonder of 2 pencils

The kids have been going to vacation Bible school this week. Everyday they get to bring something small home. The first day it was tattoos. The boys put those on right away and have refused to take a shower since. They don't want to risk spoiling the tattoos. They all had balloons. My children have a game cube, a PC, Nintendo and Lego. Still the balloons captured their attention for many long hours this week. Yesterday Sarah got a small paper bag with stickers on it. She carried this bag around the house like it was gold. Finally we opened the bag today. There were 2 VBS pencils inside. We had to sharpen those pencils right away! Now she is drawing pictures with her new "special" pencils. All the kids are drawing. There must be some kind of blessing on the VBS pencils. My other pencils don't seem half as nice!