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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I just got a set of speed stacking cups for the kids. It's a sport you all probably know about, but its very new to us in Germany. The kids love it. It's very good for there eye hand coordination. I made the mistake of only buying one set. We ended up having some fights last night because my overly tired children did not want to share the cups. I'll have to buy a few more sets of cups today.
I dropped the boys off at the bus stop. They get to go to a rock quarry to see some mining. They even get to see an explosion. It's part of our city summer vacation program. Sarah had the biggest temper tantrum because she didn't get to go. I had to pick her up kicking and screaming to the car. She would not stop screaming. I carried her to her bed, and she has cried herself to sleep. She is overly tired. She wants to keep up with the other kids, and generally will not take a nap. She stays up late and gets up early to say good bye to Papa every morning. The nap will do her good. I hate to bring this stubborn kid who hates change to America. She always make it look like I'm kidnapping her! If she does not want to go, she puts on the biggest drama, and I really hate that!