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Monday, August 27, 2007

We are in the dust! I look at the on line count on the "Der Wert Award", and we have moved down to 3rd place. The 1st place person has almost 2 times the votes we have, and 2ND place has over 300 more votes just in one day. I'm pretty sure they are only letting people in Germany vote. I have allot of my support from around the world, but I just don't think they are counting those votes! Nearly everyone we know in Germany has summer vacation right now. We have done basically all we feel comfortable doing to ask for votes. I think on the one hand I really don't care about awards, and who is to say what person deserves an award more then the next? They sound like amazingly wonderful people who are up for this award. It really is an honor our friend Claudia thought enough to even nominate us. I could turn around and nominate Claudia. She is a single mom of two great kids. She was brave to quit her job and go back to school. I don't know anyone that works so hard! I'm also very grateful for every person who has taken the time to vote even one time (even if you could vote every day). I'm trying to prepare myself for the idea of not winning. The sad thing to me is I would love to give the money to Ethiopia. If I don't win (a very likely possibility) we are going to have to figure another way to raise some money for Aids orphans. I guess I can live with that.