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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hi, It is Sarah's birthday. I am as you can imagine a bit down because she is not with us. I comfort myself with the idea she will have a very nice birthday party next year,God willing! Last night we gathered around our dinner table to pray for Sarah and her birthday. Thomas (adopted when he was almost 7) looked jealous. He left the table, and went into the other room. It kind of upset me. After almost 3 years with us he still often only thinks of himself. I was praying about it. I got a picture, or impression of what was going on. If you have a bucket, and you pour water into it, at some point the bucket gets full and overflows. Thomas is like a bucket full of holes. We pour our time, energy and love into him, and it never seems enough because there are holes in his bucket. Now the big question is, how do you patch up the holes? Is this something we can do, or does God need to heal my son of these holes? I know many of my readers pray, and I would be grateful if you would pray for Thomas. Over all, he has come a very long way. He has grown so strong, and we are very proud of him. Still, we can see that there are holes that need healing. I want him to be happy for Sarah, not jealous of her. I desire him, and all my children to welcome her in, realizing we have more then enough love to go around.
Please sign Sarah's birthday card by leaving a comment on the post below.Thank you for your good thoughts, prayers, and wishes. It has been a long journey to Sarah, but it won't be long now...we are almost there!

PS. I thought I should try to use this post to educate future parents of adopted or biological kids. We wait for our kids to be born, or to adopt them. We dream, plan, and hope. When they come, they have issues of growth you need to deal with as a parent. I have both biological and adopted children and can assure you they all have issues of growth. Raising kids is a process. I think jealousy is not an issue unique to adopted kids. It is just our present issue with him. I guess I just want people to understand that adopting kids means they don't arrive perfect! Sarah won't be perfect either! It is a process. I can not wait to begin that process of growth with Sarah. Today, and everyday I am thanking God for all the amazing children He has allowed me to raise. I was not strong enough in my praise of my son Thomas.He has had the greatest mountains to overcome. He is a brave and precious soul. He will be a great Big brother! I am sure of this! Again, I thank you for your prayers.

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tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift;
that’s why they call it the present.
Eleanor Roosevelt