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Monday, February 05, 2007

Tomorrow is Sarah's 4TH birthday. It occured to me that today was the last day she spent with her biological family.Her mom probably did not know if she was having a boy or a girl.In China it is not legal to reveal the sex of a child before it is born. I am sure Sarah's mothers emotions were mixed as she went into labor. If Sarah had been born a boy, she probably would have been kept by her parents. Her birth would have been a great and happy day. Along with the pain of birth, her poor mother had to deal with the hope of being able to keep this child -vs- the fear of needing to abandon her. Since the Chinese only allow their people to have one child, a great number of Chinese feel that one child must be a boy. But our perfect and beautiful Sarah was born a girl. On the day of her birth she was wrapped in a blanket, and placed on a bench near a water treatment plant. Her Chinese name means "pure water". I think about Moses, whose mother needed to place him in a basket and put him on the water...only being able to pray he would have a future. I feel like many other adoptive parents feel. I wish I had a way to let them know their child would have a future. They would be greatly loved! Sarah's biological parents created a beautiful child. I am deeply honored I will be allowed to raise this amazing Child! God bless her parents, God comfort them, and bless their future.
I posted this video last March, but it reminded me of today.

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