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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

OK!!! Thank you for your good ideas on cheering up. I think the wisest advice came from my mom. She e-mailed me privately and wrote, “My thought on cheering yourself up without chocolate is to not focus on being cheerful, just keep busy. If you sit down, have something in your hands .... Being cheerful is nice, but it can be something like riding the top of a wave. Life has many valleys. These valleys are where we grow”. God willing, my mom will travel with us to China.

You advised me to...
1. Take a hot bath.
2 read a good book.
3. Take it to God (always a good answer).
4. Drink some wine, or whisky. I personally do not drink alcohol, but I'm not offended by it either. I live in Europe where almost everyone (Christian and non-Christian alike) drinks.
5. Watch an old movie.
6. Drive down a country road and sing out the windows at the top of your lungs. I'll have to give this one a try.

I'm surprised no one wrote that exercise helps, having a good cry is good, cleaning or scrubbing floors also helps, call a good friend, and do something creative like scrap booking, cooking, or blogging and try to help someone else (get your mind off yourself).
At the last minute I got this post from Kristen, she wrote...
"When I am down about not receiving PA after 81 days I surf the net for things for our new little one. I will go on eBay and put a whole bunch of things in my watch list. I will also go to Gymboree and Disney and put things in my shopping cart. I rarely buy anything but it is fun dreaming of all the things I would like to buy her."
I think many of us enjoy a little retail therapy. I think her idea to book mark stuff and dream but not buy is very good! I also love to bookmark stuff on e-bay, but I book mark antique furniture. I think this idea deserves a special prize, and it's going to be a spring surprise (it's even a surprise to me because I have not bought it yet). I am going to keep it a surprise so Kristen has something to look forwards to besides a PA (81 days...killer)!!!

My honest to goodness favorite post (BTW,it was a comment not on the forum but I have the power to judge it my favorite anyway) was from Mommy Spice who wrote,” I’m sorry; I would be of no help to you. I say, eat the chocolate!! I just finished off some Ben and Jerry's The Gobfather. It was outstanding!! I was actually going to blog about it...still may." Many of you echoed her response, but somehow she made me laugh, and laughter and chocolate are both very good medicine!!! The prize this week goes to Laura and her less then spiritual post! You'll all be happy to know that Juergen and I have given up sugar and alcohol for lent (the 6 weeks before Easter). I will have a new question and prize for you tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers. I can feel Gods arms covering me like a blanket.