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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I got this letter from a friend of mine here in Germany. If he wins "best post " I will have to find a special Chinese ladybug for his sweet little ladybug Emma! Thanks Peter!!!

Dear Amy,

I can't send you a picture, but only the description of a small incident that happened just yesterday.
Every year around February / March a pastor from the Evangelische Landeskirche in Rosbach (just a bit north of Frankfurt) puts a Gospel-choir together. About 130 singers this year, young and old. They play two concerts in their church and the church is always very crowded. Since a few years the band is always the same - and I'm the bass player of it.
Now yesterday during the rehearsal for the second concert I took the music-sheet of the just sung song off my music-stand and put it on the ground and there was a ladybug - sitting on the pile of the previously laid down sheets. I was surprised: what is a ladybug doing on this time of the year in an old lutheran church on my music-sheets????? And of course I had to think about you immediately. I didn't have time to watch the bug, because I had to concentrate on playing the bass guitar (and being a man means I can concentrate only on one thing at a time!). When I looked again on my sheets, the bug was gone....may it really be a sign of great luck to your adoption process.

Dear regards,