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Monday, February 12, 2007

Jessica's Loving words to me
(bragging post)

All that I like about you: comfort giver, patience, joy-maker, good words, understanding,
contentment with self and us, gifted for friend-love, crazy about flowers, garden fanatic,
colorful women's meetings, sleeping too long, understanding of sad hearts, deep friendship
for special people, too good for thankless brothers, valuable knowledge of autism, faith in God
and thoughts of peace.

- The loving words written by my 15year old Autistic daughter Jessica. Jessica can not talk, but she has allot to say! All my compassion I owe to loving Jessica. She has been my greatest teacher. If this is our week to share what we love, I love my first born daughter Jessica! I thank my God for this indescribable gift! She is sweet, and very funny. She has the very best, deep from the depth of your being, laugh! You could never imagine someone who is non-verbal being so loud! You don't need to be perfect to be perfectly wonderful! I always say my daughter Nicole is Bert,and Jessica is my Ernie. How could we ever get along without both of them?