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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I want to tell you about a 2 year old boy in China that needs a mom and dad. He has
tetralogy of Fallot, this is a very common heart defect that can be corrected with surgery. My oldest daughter Jessica was born with ToF. It is very correctable. This cute boy's file is due to be returned to China soon. The agency has received a grant from A Child Waits. Along with the agencies grant of $1500, and a normal fee reduction for SN kids, The fee's have been reduced between $5000-$6500. If you know anyone who may want to adopt a really cute boy with a very correctable heart condition HERE is the information.

His file says this about him...
He is very handsome little guy. His eyes that are not big, but very bright and his round face make him very adorable. He is very lovely and brave. He likes to play outside. He is also very happy when he plays indoors with other children. He likes to watch TV when he has nothing to do. He will shake his buttocks with the music on the TV programs. He is so funny at this moment. When he plays games with others, he likes to play balls, shake hands and tell nursery rhyme most.

I also found more photos and information about this little boy they are calling Justin (they don't list the childs real name). It is on a family site. These people met Justin and took pictures. They say he is a real great kid! When you look at this web site, just click on pictures, and there is more information about Justin.

One more word...with the adoption tax credit Americans get, this adoption is basically free!