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Thursday, October 25, 2007

These 3 kids are available for adoption in Washington State. They are very involved in their church activities. They are active children who enjoy doing many different things, both indoors and outdoors, including art, music, and sports. They have done great in foster care and are now ready for a forever family. If you think you might want to adopt, but don't have the budget for an international adoption then maybe these 3 kids could be your answer! You can read about these kids HERE. If you look on this page, they even have a video clip of these 3 sweethearts!

This is from the agency website

We’ll waive both your $250 application fee and your $2,000 adoption fee if you adopt a child who’s 7 or older (that includes many of the children featured in A Family for Me), or a child with significant medical needs. E-mail the US Kids program for more information.

Adoption Requirements
Singles and all couples are welcome to adopt. Remember that children affected by neglect and abuse have particular immediate and long-term needs. In order to adopt such a child, you should know about these needs and be willing to address them. You're required to complete the foster and adoptive parent training available in your community.
You'll need to have a homestudy completed by a licensed adoption agency. WACAP conducts homestudies in Washington, Oregon, New York, Connecticut and Alaska only; in other states, WACAP can give you the names of licensed agencies.

You may specify the child’s age, gender and ethnicity. We serve children and families of all ethnic backgrounds. Families who can document Native American ancestry will receive priority for Native American children. In some situations, it may be easier to adopt if you obtain a foster care license.

Travel Requirements
To help your adopted child make the transition to your home, you will be asked to visit the child in his or her state of residence.

Required Documents
Approved homestudy

* These fees are waived for families who adopt a child who's 7 or older, or a child with significant medical needs.
** Family may use no-interest loan for this fee—see financial assistance section below. Or, services may be covered by state reimbursement.
*** Varies by agency; may be waived.