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Friday, October 26, 2007

So...let's start talking about the special need Hepatitis B+. Hep B is a virus found in the blood. It is spread like HIV, by blood and through sexual contact. It can not be spread from casual contact, a kiss, urine etc... You can only get it by direct contact with blood. Sarah most likely got exposed to Hep B at birth. There is a very good chance her birth mother did not even know she had the disease. Most people who have a chronic case of Hep B have no symptoms. Their bodies do not recognize the disease as a virus, and do not try to fight it. If Sarah begins to fight the disease, she will get sick. If her body fights the disease, she could get permanent damage to her liver if we do not treat the Hepatitis. This is one reason we must monitor her blood (once every 6 months she must get her blood tested). If her liver values go up, we will probably begin treating her with drugs. They have very good anti viral drugs that are pretty good at fighting this disease. On the one hand you hope they never get sick. You hope their body never recognizes the virus. On the other hand you hope they do get sick. If they start fighting Hep B, they can (with the help of the new drugs) actually convert from a positive to a negative status. We actually pray for Sarah's status to reverse. Then she will be totally free from this sickness. I will write more tomorrow.