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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This waiting boy is 8 years old. He can be seen on Wide Horizons web site. You only need to give them your e-mail address to get access to their waiting kids. Juan Carlo is from somewhere in Asia. I'm guessing the Philippines. BTW the Philippines allows singles to adopt. His profile reads, “Is a cheerful and attentive little boy who is Hep B positive, but otherwise is in good health. He is good at sharing and particularly enjoys physical activities, singing, dancing and drawing. He is learning English and appears to be motivated to succeed. He is well-behaved in school and relates well with his peers." My son Philip turns 9 years old tomorrow. Boys are allot of work at this age but they are also a huge joy to have! Boys wait so much longer then girls. Please pray for this adorable boy to find his family soon! We often consider what we want in a child, like we are shopping for a car. I am trying to write to those of you that would consider what you have to give. All kids need families. Older kids and boys need families. 80% of the people who adopt will only adopt a girl. Please, are there any families who will consider giving a boy a family? If you want to adopt a boy, but a baby then check AAI's new waiting child list from China. They have a beautiful baby boy that is Hep B+ and only 11 months old. . AAI does not photo list their kids, but if you want to take a look then you can e-mail Ky at AAI