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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Today Juergen and I sat down with a local adoption social worker. We wanted to understand the present state of the German International adoption system. Some of you know our family has been nominated for a German national award for values in the everyday life , The Werte Award, "Heroes of the everyday life". The award ceremony is on Sunday afternoon in Hanover. There have been some amazing individuals nominated for this honor. We would be pretty surprised if we actually won something. We felt it was only right to go to the award ceremony because we were invited. Juergen wants to visit with his parents any way. They only live an hour from Hanover. His mom is very sick. This is why our whole family will not be going. We are sending Juergen and Nicole (the A team - Adoption team). The German National Minister of Families will be there. We hope to have a chance to share with her our ideas on improving the adoption system in Germany. German families receive no benefits for International adoption. Not even the right to deduct adoption expenses on their taxes. They also do not receive the benefits other Germans receive when they have a biological child. Our adoption trips were made on our vacation time with no Maternity leave. Perhaps we will be able to influence the adoption system in some positive way. International adoption should not be a privilege of the rich. It is rather expensive to adopt (15,000 Euros on average/ $20,000+ USD). The social worker told us of one case she handled. A young woman had no womb and could not bear children. Her grandparents saved for years so this woman could adopt a child. She now has a beautiful son from South Africa. Germany has a negative birth rate. Almost 20% of the population has trouble conceiving children. For every 1 German child available domestically for adoption, there are 22 sets of parents waiting to adopt. International adoption is a win win for the nation of Germany. They need to make some changes to make adoption a possibility for more families. Please be praying for Juergen on Sunday. It would be really cool if we won a prize, but what would be even better is to find some kind of audience with the family minister. Please pray that the time Juergen spend in Hanover will have a positive influence on the International adoption laws and benefits in Germany. The result would equal children finding families. Nothing would make me happier!