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Sunday, October 14, 2007

I've been tagged by Beverly to show you 8 things in my kitchen. First you need to know my kitchen is so small it can only hold about 8 things. I'm not really sure how I manage to cook for 7 people every day in this very small room...but it's what God gave me and I am grateful for my house!
1. I have magnets on the refrigerator. This big magnet is from OSU (Oregon State University). I graduated from OSU in 1984. I was 5 years old when I graduated!

2. I've got this cool coffee can from Israel. The coffee in Israel wasn't very good, but I love the can! I actually keep my ice coffee mix in the can.

3. I have this photo of Rick's cafe on the wall. I love the movie Casablanca. My brother is named Rick. I found the photo in the trash...waste not want not!

4. This is my new cast iron skillet. I just carried it home from America and I love it! It isn't washed because my facet just broke this morning. Here is Juergen trying to fix the facet!

5. This is where we keep the cookies.

6. This old wooden wall hanging came from route 66 in the good old USA.

7. I got this pig at a second hand store.

8. I have two sets of Staffordshire dinner ware. One set is red, and the other is blue. I plan to give these dishes to two of my kids (probably Sarah and Nicole). I got the dishes on E-bay . As you can see I shop at second hand shops, and on E-bay allot. I never (ever) pay full price for anything! I love looking for treasures in all kinds of places.

Those are my kitchen 8. My sister Shelley just started to blog. She has a very nice kitchen. It's about as big as my whole house! Shelley I tag you to share 8 things from your kitchen.

This is Shelley's beautiful kitchen, not mine!