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Friday, November 16, 2007

HERE is a news story about the family who lost the father in China. The father, Dennis Sheldon died in China this week from diabetic shock. The father was the primary petitioner of the US visa, so when he died the visa to the USA also died. The mother is getting help processing new visa paper work. Unfortunately the USA has needed to get very strict about the visa process. They have rules in place to protect the trafficking of children. I am sure they will figure out a way to expedite the process, but they will not break their rules. This is a lesson for all of you waiting to travel. Make sure both your names are on the important paper work. Also, if you have any medical condition, be sure to bring your medication with you when you travel. They treat diabetes differently in China(with different ways of measuring stuff). I don't know if that made any difference in this case, but be prepared to take care of yourself. If you have any medical issues, please check with your doctor before you travel! Over 1000 people called the Congressman on behalf of this family. People on the adoption web groups are raising money and reaching out to this family in very practical ways. This is very wonderful to see. People that adopt are part of a very loving community. If you would like to help this family, I think you could send money to the agency for the Sheldon family. They were with Bethany adoption services. Maybe you can contact the agency to see if they have a fund set up?