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Thursday, November 15, 2007

More prayer needed. The women in China who lost her husband (he died from a diabetic coma) is having allot of trouble getting home. The adoption is legal and final but the Americans will not give the child a visa to come home. It seems the husband was the petitioner of the visa, and he was the only one who could activate the visa. Now they want her to apply for a new visa, and that generally requires a new home study and takes about 2-3 months. The mom can come home, but the baby can not get into the USA. Congressmen have been contacted. Over 1000 people have called to complain. It's a nightmare...please keep praying!

Up date: I read this on a yahoo group about this case...

This is the statement from Mike Rogers office here in Michigan:

"Thank you for the calls and Support for Sandi & Hannah.
Congressman Mike Rogers is currently working on the case and is
actively speaking to the USCIS to streamline the process regarding
the I171. An adoption officer with USCIS is reviewing the case and
will get back to the Congressman ASAP. Hopefully we will hear good
news soon! USCIS is who we are waiting for! The Congressman has
talked to Sandi. Everyone is doing what they can to help Sandi &