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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I have been tagged by Beverly to tell you 8 things about me.
...So, here are the rules of the 8 Random Things tag game:
1. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
2. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
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1. Let's start with Juergen. I met him when I was 28 years old. I was on a summer mission’s trip. I was a University pastor at San Diego State University and we were assisting a sister ministry in Munchen, Germany. Only one week before I left for this trip, I had gone on a date with a very important single Dr. in San Diego. The man talked only about himself, and I thought it was very boring. I was so amazed to met Juergen. I could not believe a person so right for me even exsisted in this world. Juergen and I have been married for 17 years and I have never been bored with him.

2. I still think I want to adopt again. I know that's crazy. I also know now is not the time. Maybe in 2009 and an older child. I would like Sarah to have a sister or brother her own age to grow up with. Juergen has not said yes to this crazy idea. I think it gives him peace that I said not now. Maybe he thinks I'll forget the idea...and maybe I think the idea will grow on him? Stay tune to see who wins this debate.

3. Juergens mom is very sick. She has 3 brain tumors. It looks like she will die. I spend a great deal of my day praying for her. I know I should accept this, but I am still praying for a miracle. I feel like God has called me to pray. He didn't give me any assurance it will prevent her death, in fact she may die. I feel His Holy Sprit saying that God will bless my prayers anyway. I just need to be obedient with my part. God always wants our obedience. I really love my mother in law. This is a very sad time for me.

4. I read the real estate section of the newspaper every Saturday morning. We own our house, but I'm always hunting for a big charming old farm house. I want high ceilings and wood floors and a fire place. My house is nice, but it isn't my favorite style. I love old stuff. This is a very bad habit, and I know I should just stop looking! There is something to be said for being happy with what you have. I want an old house and one more child...crazy!

5. I love coffee but I drink tee. Actually, I drink one cup of coffee every morning and tee the rest of the day. I think it's healthier that way. I'm not that healthy, but I'm making baby steps in that direction. I'm 46 years old and I've got to take care of myself. I've got to live to raise my daughter Sarah (she is only 4 years old).

6. I could watch Pride and Prejudice 5 times straight and never get bored. I have this movie in 3 different versions. I've read all of Jane Austen’s novels more then a few times. I could not really tell you why I just love her point of view. I guess it's because her characters really have noble principles they live by. They are basically good and correct people. They don't find satisfying their own desires a higher priority then doing the right thing. I love the loyalty I see in Elizabeth. She was willing to turn down wealth because she was loyal to her sister. I just love that!

7. I love to plant the plants in the spring time, but I hate the work of taking care of them all summer long. I need to be careful that I don't treat my kids the same way. It is so exciting to adopt them...but they are allot of work to take care of. I have a list of dentist appointments, and Doctor Appointments to set up for the kids. I've got high matinence kids. I really need to get to the laundry etc...

8. I didn't go to my prom. I did not have a date, and I didn't want to go with just anyone. I'm sort of glad I didn't just go with "anyone". My best friend in high school did just go with a guy that asked her. It ended up being a nightmare long date. I think good things don't always happen in the normal path most people take. It seems "everyone" goes to the prom, but I didn't. I took a different road and I did different stuff. I think everyone has to find their own path and sometimes that means you dance on the streets in Paris, and not in the school gym. At the time it seemed like a loss…but today it is such a minor thing.

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