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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I just read this prayer request on a yahoo group. I know the writer of this prayer request; Jodi wouldn't mind me posting it here. Please pray for this family! This is a heart breaking situation. Please pray!

...I wanted to share a HUGE prayer request right now for a friend of
mine who is in China adopting her first and only daughter. Her name
is Sandi and her daughter is Hannah. Hannah is also a SN baby and
I'm not sure at the moment what her SN is, however. Sandi emailed me
a couple of days ago to pray for her husband, Dennis, as he had not
been feeling well because he is diabetic and his blood sugars have
been VERY high. We just got word this morning that he died from a
diabetic coma yesterday while there in Guangzhou. As you can
imagine, Sandi needs every prayer imaginable right now. Her mother
and brother are trying to get emergency visas to fly to China to
bring her home. We're also praying that their adoption of Hannah
will continue as planned and that China will not interfere.