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Saturday, November 24, 2007

I love the song by Steven Curtis Chapman-All I Really Want for Christmas. I would like to make a slide show of adopted kids using this song. I would post it to youtube. If I can get around 40-50 photos of adopted kids I would make this slide show. I want all sorts of kids pictures. Not just nice portraits, but action shots. In the park, pool, first day of school, Disneyland, eating, birthdays, holidays, sleeping. I only want one photo per child. I also want kids adopted from more then China. Domestic, and international. I would only put the child’s picture on the slide show, and maybe their first name. So if you have an adopted child and you want to be included in this youtube slide show, please send one photo (please just one photo) in jpg format to my yahoo address. Label the mail adoption slide show. Please add your child’s first name. I will post when the slide show is loaded to youtube. Thank you.

amy_heymann @ yahoo. de (remove the spaces)