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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last night I had another strange dream. I thought I would write it down for you. It might entertain you as you are preparing your mega Thanksgiving feasts. It was almost Halloween, and Microsoft Billionaire Bill Gates and his family decided to go trick or treating with our multicultural family. They sent a team of experts out to set everything up. The day before this event, a huge team of house cleaners arrived and cleaned my house (only a mom would dream such a thing). Then the day of the event, a chief came to cook the meal. I was certain they never eat anything prepared by someone who doesn't have the correct security screening! Finally people came to cloth my children in designer Halloween costumes. We of course were accompanied by special agents as we went trick or treating with the Gates family. None of the children were allowed to eat the candy we received. They did get a very generous bag of candy that had been through security. We had a lovely dinner together. Thomas showed off his Lego. Nicole showed off her art. Both received a full scholarship to the University of their Choice. A few weeks later the Gates family surprised us with an extreme home make over. While our house was being renovated, we were treated to a 5 star vacation in Hua Hin Thailand. You know it is winter because I am always dreaming of being in Thailand!

Sarah has her first play date with a little boy from the kindergarten. I had a really hard time waking her up this morning. She had a vaccination yesterday. I hope she is OK. I know the little boy has been counting on coming to our house. I wouldn’t want to disappoint him. Nicole’s best friend in kindergarten was also a boy. The photo was taken at Toys R Us. I took Philip and Sarah there after the doctor’s appointment. Sarah rode a bicycle. I told her she could get a bike for her next birthday. That’s in February. It doesn’t make any since to buy a bike now; it looks like it’s going to snow!