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Sunday, November 04, 2007

This evening Juergen and I had to fight with our lazy boys to get them to sort a pile of socks and put away a small pile of their cloths. Later Nicole and I watched an intense documentary about a boy living in the Mountains of Bolivia. He went to school during the day (a great privilege) and worked all afternoon and evening in a silver mine. It was very hard dangerous work. He would chew coca leaves to numb the pain. He dreamed about a better life for himself, his brother, mother and sister. He expressed his desire to be a teacher, but then said it was only a dream. He had no father. Without a father he had to work, there was little chance of ever escaping this poverty.
I cannot believe the privileges and opportunities our children have. It makes me want to adopt again. It is not about my life...but their lives. They live such hard lives with so little opportunity because they do not have a father or mother that provides them a chance. Please adopt! It is true you can not change the whole world, but you can change the world for one! It is the orphans that are exploited. They are the child solders, child laborers, child prostitutes. They suffer from malnutrition, they are uneducated or under educated. The experience both physical poverty and emotional poverty (for it is emotional poverty not to belong to a family). If you have opportunity to offer...and they desperately need opportunity perhaps it is Gods will that you would give at least one child a chance at a better life!