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Thursday, May 03, 2007

I know yesterday went so well, but I woke up in panic! I told Juergen I felt like a not so good swimmer who is 100 miles from the shore. I am proud I swam 2 miles yesterday but my arms hurt and I feel like I am going to drown! Sarah and I took Juergen to work. She cried for 1 1/2 hours in the car after we dropped him off. I wanted to take her to a petting zoo, but she would not stop screaming! I was going to run out of gas so I had to stop at a gas station. Then I had to buy some food. We are almost out of everything. Just keeping up with the "normal" daily stuff seems so hard right now. She walked about 10 steps behind me in the store, and continued to cry for her papa (this is after almost 2 hours). They had pet toys for sale, and I bought something for our crazy dog Mickey. We adopted Mickey when he was about 6 months old. We think his first owner beat him. He barks a lot because he is always afraid. For some reason Sarah just loves Mickey. She was very happy to get Mickey a gift. We went right home to take Mickey for a walk and give him a gift. She got so excited; she even gave me a big hug (that is a first). Then I took her out on her little bobby car, and we walked Mickey!

Nap time was very hard. She is simply afraid of me when she is tired. The nannies in her orphanage use to tie her to her bed. I have pictures of this. Perhaps this is why she has so many problems falling asleep. She needs a rest. She can not handle things without a short nap. I insisted she stay in her bed. Finally Mickey came in the room. She begged to have Mickey sleep with her. I agreed. Mickey did not like it, but I held him in her bed and she fell asleep holding on to him. I don't know if this is an all time low? She loves our crazy dog more then me! If you knew our dog you would understand my statement.

Anyway, she is warming up to me again this afternoon. She is playing with Nicole, but even let me take my picture with was only for the camera!
I got a package in the mail from my wonderful online friend Jill Waala. I cried when I opened this amazingly thoughtful gift! I can not tell you how blessed I am by your thoughtfulness and your prayers. Thank you so much!!!

PS. The photo with Juergen Sarah and I was taken by Philip when we picked Juergen up from work. The photo of Sarah holding up a picture is art she made today. She used scissors I think for the very first time. She loves doing art. It reminds me of Nicole at this age.