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Thursday, May 17, 2007

When you were a kid, did you ever think it would be wonderful to be allowed to clean your room? Today is German father’s day. It is also the holiday of ascension (the day Jesus went back to heaven). I'm not sure if it's a national holiday, or just a holiday in the south of Germany? Juergen has taken the kids (except Jessica) to an indoor play paradise called jump in. It is raining out side. I can imagine the place is a real zoo. I am getting some cleaning done. It is really nice to clean my very messy house with out the kids in it!!! It is very satisfying to see the floor clean for a change! I've actually been to the place in Israel where they say Jesus rose to heaven. It is a very small chapel run by Muslims. It is very poor and under maintained. Jesus said He would return to this same place on the Mt of Olives. That's an exciting thought! Until then, it's back to my dusting! I will write more about Juergen's father's day later.