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Saturday, May 19, 2007

I think some how Sarah felt a little guilt over her rejection of me this morning, or maybe it was Papa doing a very good job being boring (he was working on paper work). Sarah decided to go with Nicole and me to shop. We went to a garden center to buy some more plants (my dad would be proud). I found the cutest lady bug rubber boots for Sarah. She was very excited to get them. When we got home she wanted to put them on. I started to put them on her, but she wanted papa to put them on her. In fact she acted again like I was some kind of monster, and refused to let me touch her. In the store I was wonderful, at home I am dirt! That really bothered me and you can probably guess I was already pretty "bothered". I though, well, I am good enough to buy you the rubber boots, but not good enough to put them on you! I basically said no! I either put them on you, or you don't get them! She refused. She screamed bloody murder! We are talking screaming so loud, the entire block could hear her! I walked away with the shoes. Juergen put her in her bed to cool off. She rejected him too! She wanted Philip, because maybe Philip would take her side. We refused to let her see Philip. She lost it big time. Finally I just put the shoes on her. She calmed down, and eventually came to me to give me a kiss. She is so stubborn about what she wants. She gets unreasonable, and unbending! She gets so backed into a corner...and just will not bend. She is still a wild horse!
After this episode Juergen took her and the boys to an electronic store to get Jessica’s brand new VCR repaired. Somehow Jessica managed to break this VCR in one day. Philip and Sarah got lost in the store, and a frantic Juergen ran all over the place looking for them for about 20 mins. He just told me about it, and he is pretty shaken up! She wants to play hide and seek in the mall. She thinks it’s funny. I think it’s scary! I have gotten to the point of wanting to always put her in the shopping cart, or at least make her wear her squeaky shoes. Then I can hear where she is. It is allot of work to train a child who has never been out side a sheltered orphanage to deal with the real dangers in the real world. The drama continues...