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Monday, May 14, 2007

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Sometimes I think I need to treat my daughter like a person who has survived a war or some other traumatic experience. This morning began OK. She did not cry when Juergen went to work. We took Mickey for a walk. The sky looked heavy with rain clouds. We got about half way through our regular walk when I felt it would be wise to turn around. I thought we would get caught in a real down pour. It was already beginning to rain. Maybe it was because we usually walk longer? I don't really know what caused her behavior. She acted like she was in shock. She was almost paralyzed. I kept pointing to the sky and said we needed to hurry home. She would not move. It seemed like she wanted to control me. Finally the rain began to pour. I had to pick her up (remember I have two sprained wrists). I picked her up along with her doll carriage, and continued to hold on to the dog leash. She was kicking and screaming. She screamed for Juergen. I'm sure it gave the whole neighborhood something to talk about! When we got home she refused to walk in the house. I had to carry her in. I put her on her bed for some time out. She had a grand temper tantrum. I went to clean Jessica’s bed room. When she calmed down a little, she changed out of her wet cloths. She even put on dry shoes and a coat. I think she planned on leaving. She called for Mickey. I think she wanted him to run away from home with her. I kept on cleaning, and gave her the space to calm down. When she calmed down I gave her a snack. Now she is just fine. I don't know what caused this fit? It was like she was in another world reliving something that had happened before!