This blog covers our wait, travel, and adjustment to our 4 year old adopted Chinese daughter Sarah Shui Qing from Nanjing. There are over 1000 posts. I have moved my blog to Catching Butterflies 2. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog. It has alot of information on Special needs adoption. Follow us to our new address Catching Butterflies 2! Thank you for reading!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Nicole gave me an original acrylic painting of one of her book characters. I had her sign and date it. After all, she may be as famous as Dr Seuss one day. Thomas is busy drawing me pictures of Bionicle robots. He loves Bionicles. I love receiving from him something that he loves! Sarah is having one temper tantrum after another. The good news is she is being bad for her papa. She is mostly rejecting me today, but I'm trying to just stay neutral. She challenges Juergens authority. For example, she made a big mess of her toys. He asked her to pick them up. She refused. He asked again and she refused. Finally he brought her to her room kicking and screaming so she could sit in her bed. He asked again...again she refused. Finally after 3 times being brought to her bed, and many tears she cleaned up her toys. Juergen is giving me a big gift for mother’s day. He is saying no to Sarah! He also gave me these beautiful flowers.
I would like mother’s day to be like a Hallmark card, all sweet and beautiful. During the year I do have wonderful moments with all my kids. They just don't seem to get into the holiday spirit. Maybe they are planning to surprise me? Happy Mother Day to you!