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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I wrote this post while sitting in my car. Sarah didn't want to take a nap, so I took her for a drive. The wind shield wipers and sound of the motor were too much for her. After the nap in the car we went shopping. Two things weigh heavy on my mind. First Juergen called me and said the German government isn't going to extend Sarah’s visa. I guess this means I will need to go to the USA pretty soon. When, I do not know. I should know in a few days. I would like more time to see Sarah become more stable and secure. She has been amazingly good, but barely! The second problem is my hands (my wrists). I hurt my wrists when I fell in China. I thought that they were both just sprained. They are not getting any better. In fact they are getting worse. Sarah has decided it is fun to jump into my arms. I love that she wants to leap into my arms but Ouch!!! I think I might have two broken wrists. I see the Dr on Friday morning for an x-ray.
This morning Sarah waved to her papa goodbye. She had no tears. I had pulled Jessica’s old Barbie dolls out of storage. Her eyes lit up. Today we played Barbie’s, with the doll house, cut paper with scissors, played with the toy kitchen, and with Winnie Pooh. We of course took Mickey for a long walk, and fed the fish. Juergen is out with Sarah and Philip getting his hair cut. I am really tired! Here are some photos from this very full day. Sarah was so funny. She sang songs. She also did some dances. She is all hugs and kisses. I am seeing much more of her very strong personality. The only melt down came when she and Philip had a fight. Boy can they fight! She is such a sore loser! They were playing a game, and she lost. She hates to lose, and started to scream for papa. I guess she thought she could make him convince Philip to lose? Philip is not about to lose for her!!!