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Friday, March 09, 2007

I brought Juergen to the train station in Heidelberg this morning. He is going to a Christian Prayer and renewal conference in Brighton, England this weekend. My husband carries a great deal of responsibility upon his shoulders. I'm grateful he does not try to carry everything by himself! The truth is none of us can do anything apart from Gods grace. I hope Juergen gets his spiritual batteries fully charged this weekend!
After I dropped Juergen off, I went to the old city of Heidelberg to pickup Philips new glasses. Last week Juergen had bought Philip a new pair of eye glasses. They are a super new kind of glasses that are supposed to bend and not break. Philip was excited about his new glasses, and he was taking them off to show basically everyone! Of course the poor glasses could not handle the stress! They broke! Thank God Juergen was wise enough to buy a warranty, and the shop replaced the glasses for free. I hope Philip has learned his lesson, and will now keep his glasses on his face!
I shopped for a few more things on my China list. I am proud of myself. I have not finished packing this week, but I have made a very big dent in my to do list! I found this adorable panda post card when I was in Heidelberg. I will be happy to send it to the first person who leaves me 5 new travel tips on my comments!