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Friday, March 23, 2007

I often feel like I'm thinking or writing negative stuff about Germany. The Germans do not have an adoption agreement with China. The government has been less then helpful! Yesterday Nicole found a tourist book from Oregon. I grew up in Oregon, and most of my family still lives there. It's a beautiful state! Germany has less land then the states of Oregon and Washington. It has almost half the population of the entire USA. You would be surprised how clean, and orderly this country is! I may not like some of the rules, for example children can not leave the country outside of normally scheduled vacation times, but it's the many rules that help make this country very nice to live in. We get 6 weeks of vacation per year. With out this vacation time I'm not sure how we could travel to China. I bought myself some fresh flowers this morning. I buy flowers almost every week. Germany is right next to Holland. If you haven't visited Holland in the spring time, you should keep it in mind. The tulips are beautiful! I understand Nanjing ,China (Sarah's home town) has an international plum blossom festival in March. I'm sorry I'm missing it! Every place has its good and bad points. I love living in Germany. It's the government regulations I dislike!