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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What medical supplies should you take with you to China?

-Flu/cold medication for children and adults.The kids often get colds because hotels have air conditioning
-Vick's vapor rub for colds and dry noses. I put some on under my nose during the flight because airplane air is so dry
- Imodium AD, for diarrhea
- Pepto Bismol chewable tablets or other stomach irritation medication.
- Aspirin, Tylenol, ibuprofen (take some of all 3 - they work differently)
-Prescription antibiotic like Cipro for intestinal infections or other broad-spectrum antibiotic that your doctor can recommend
- Sleeping pills or Melatonin (I highly recommend the Melatonin).
- antibiotic ointment
-a supply of bandages
-Instant cold pack which is good for bumps
-An Ace type bandage
- Any of your regular medication
- Written prescription for glasses in case of breakage or loss (or extra pair)
-syringe-type dropper or medicine spoon
-Lice medication
-Antibiotics for children if you can get them
- prescription medication for scabies

We can not get prescription drugs in Germany with out a Dr first seeing the child. Most guides in China can take you to a hospital or clinic if you need drugs. There is often a Dr in the hotels you will be staying at. Also, Many traveling families leave their unused antibiotics, lice and scabies medication in a shop (Jennifer's place) near the White Swan hotel in Guangzhou. This is my list. I hope it helps someone!
Tomorrow I want to cover toys and games. Packing to keep the kids busy.