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Friday, March 30, 2007

I've been pretty caught up in the details this week. Airport transportation, hotels, inland flights etc... Our agency generally does these things for families. We wanted to do these things ourselves because we want to stay in apartments and not hotels. This is what works best for us. If it was just me & Juergen, we would stay in hotels. 2 weeks with 5 kids in a hotel would not translate into a vacation! No, not a good idea!!! Not with my kids!
I wanted to switch gears a bit. This isn't just a vacation. This is an adoption trip. Somehow I would like to look past the "to do" list and think about what I can expect. I've done this two times before. I have a general idea of what may be ahead of us. OK, I've got to put the kids to bed. I start cleaning the house tomorrow. Cleaning out the refrigerator and fun stuff like that. I don't want any moldy surprises waiting for me when I return in a month. I do some of my best thinking when I'm scrubbing my kitchen floor. My thoughts will be drifting away from where I'm staying to why I am going.