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Thursday, March 15, 2007

I just checked the prices for hotels in Guangzhou during the April trade fair. Normally people do not travel during the 3rd and 4Th weeks of April because of the trade fair, hotel prices get pretty high! Our biggest problem a this point will be to get a consulate appointment before the trade fair begins. I've read on yahoo groups that families with TA's are already finding it hard to get an appointment! We may need to travel with the kids for the first half of the trip, and then Juergen returns home with the kids (so they don't miss school), and I travel alone or better with my Mom to Guangzhou. We could not afford to house our whole family in Guangzhou during the trade fair, but a single room in the Victory Hotel Annex cost about 112 Euros, or $147 per night. That's allot of money for a small room but do able if I could get it at the last minute! Because families don't generally travel during the trade fair, I'm pretty sure a consulate appointment would be easy to get! Please pray for us to get our TA soon.