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Monday, March 05, 2007

I have pulled out the large suitcases and I'm ready to begin packing. The first thing I needed to do is check the airlines size and weight restrictions. The general guidelines are 2 pieces of checked luggage per person, and one carry on per person. The 2 checked bags can be no heaver then 50lbs or 23kgs for one bag, with a total combined weight of 70lbs or 32 kgs for the two bags. The dimensions of each bag should be (height, width, and length) no more then 62inches or 158cm. The one carry on should not weigh more then 40lbs or 18kgs. And its dimensions should not exceed 45inches or 115 cms. The airlines have new stricter guidelines about what can or can not be carried on an international flight. Make sure and place stuff like pocket knifes in your checked luggage, and don't bring anything in an aerosol spray can (they can exploit on an airplane). Check your toothpaste and your perfume; it's not OK to carry it on a plane. We are traveling with 6 people, but I am sure I don't want to carry 12 bags to China (maybe 12 bags guarantees). I would like to get by with only 4 bags and our carry-ons. I may need to buy a few bigger suitcases. We have some large suitcases, but they don't close very well anymore. Here is a good site I've found that have packing lists. Remember, China is a civilized country. I am sure I can buy more stuff in China then I can find in Germany. We will be getting in and out of a few taxis, and on and off of trains. We don't want to be handling too much luggage. Unless you are traveling to some distant province, you may want to do your shopping in China. If you are traveling to a less western area of China, or want to eat allot of meals in your hotel room good stuff to pack includes...
Cup of noodels, instant soups, peanutbutter and crackers, instant hot chocolate, trail mix, other favorite snacks, tea, coffee, and instant oatmeal. Remember to always use bottled water. A travel size hot water pot can be helpful. A few camping dishes are also a good idea. Most people buy their baby food and formula in China. It is better to give your baby what they are use to eating, and switch to something new when you get home. The formulas are much sweeter in China, but your child will have so many other "new” things to get use to. I am bringing a plastic bowel, sippy cup, bibs, and a plastic placemat for Sarah. I plan on serving her table food, but it might be easier for her to eat it from a bowel. I am also packing a few small Tupperware boxes for snack food, and zip lock bags for just about everything! Tomorrow I will cover medical supplies you may want to take to China.