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Sunday, April 08, 2007

First I want to say Happy Easter. There isn't any sign of Easter here. It's Sunday, and the shops are all filled with teenagers buying the same sort of stuff you would find in a US shopping mall, only at relatively cheaper prices. They have the t-shirt shops, shoe stores, nail salons, and tattoo shops. They all look like they want to be China's next Super Star. They seem to be buying the whole Western marketing thing. We didn't see too many western tourists, just materialistic Chinese. There is a McDonalds on Every other corner, and a KFC on every corner. Juergen has already bought Häagen-Dazs, but that's still over $2.50 per scoop! Absolutely ridicules!!!
China is racing forward, but sometimes I think its too bad if what they are racing for is the American way of life. Nothing in the USA is built to last. It's also sad to see all the people who do not have the money to buy a Big Mac. You see it in their eyes and in their dress. They stand out on the street,and watch the others consume over priced ice cream, when you just know these people do not have the money for the basics. The gap is getting wider and wider. I didn't notice this gap in Shanghai, but it is clear in Nanjing. I'm not criticising China. I hate the gap I find in many American cities (and European cities). I just hate the idea of Chinese young people thinking Nike Shoes, and designer jeans are going to make them happy. It's just stuff! Stuff will never make anyone happy.