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Sunday, April 08, 2007

We all tried to get out and see the big Confucius Temple that is very near to here. I think because it is the weekend, it was super crowded and they piped in loud music. Jessica (being autistic) was totally overwhelmed. I brought her back to the room while everyone else went on ahead. To be honest with you, the crowds are a bit overwhelming for me too. We will be here a week,so hopefully I can see it another time.
We get Sarah in about 15 hours. I'm trying to figure out how I feel about this. I've been so busy trying to get over the jet lag, and make sure my other kids are feeling OK. I've been trying to take in the environment,and figure out this rapidly evolving society called China. This place is not going to look the same in 5 years, it's changing! I've been noticing the beautiful children (mostly boys) on the street. I wonder what it will be like to walk down these same streets towards the McDonald's in 24 hours. Nothing will be as it is today. Today I know who I am, and I understand the balance of things. Tomorrow everything will be out of balance. My world and her world will be shaken. We will again need to find out how to integrate this person into our lives. And just like China, Sarah will be unrecognizable in 5 years.I'm sure they have told her her family will come in the morning. She has probably just eaten her last dinner in the orphanage. They are probably trying to get her ready for her last night in a room filled with other orphans. Tomorrow she will sleep in an over crowded hotel room, but she will have a family. I hope she can dream well. It will be hard for me to sleep. I've dreamed way too long!